Quorum Innovations Advances Human Microbiome Program

Quorum Innovations Advances Human Microbiome Program
Nicholas Monsul Sep/29/2019 Research

Quorum Innovations today announced a major milestone that includes a drug discovery platform to advance the introduction of new treatments for skin, GI, inflammatory and metabolic conditions utilizing human microbiome therapeutics.

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Quorum is pleased that the USPTO has recognized the novelty and importance of this drug discovery process which is the cornerstone of this patent. Quorum expects to accelerate development in a new class of therapeutics utilizing the human microbiome. Quorum Innovations has successfully isolated a unique series of bacterial derived bioactive compounds. They protect the human microbiome by simultaneously decreasing disease-causing bacteria while defending and increasing health-promoting bacteria. Quorum has named these compounds - ProBiomic™ Therapeutics. Unlike other products on the market today, Quorum bioactives are also sourced from the human microbiome itself, not from foreign sources such as dirt, exotic plants, or animals. It is grown in biofilm form and then processed such that the bioactive compounds contain no live bacteria. Quorum Innovations ProBiomic™ technology can currently be found in Quorum Innovation's skin care line – BioEsse (www.bioesseprobiotics.com)