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Welcome to Hawthorne Clinic

Hawthorne Clinic is a rare combination of specialty practices integrated not only with each other but with our research partner, Quorum Innovations.

Why Choose Us?

Our Doctors

Scientists as well as experienced practicing physicians, Dr. Monsul and Dr. Berkes, use their Microbiome Biofilm technology in their everyday practice as physicians.

Unique Range Of Services

From plastic surgery for medical and cosmetic issues, to cancer treatment, to allergy testing and immunotherapy, to Human Microbiome treatments.

Our Integrated Microbiome Research

Our doctors are the first physician/science team to actually put human microbiome technology into practice and have 10 patents worldwide.

Their patented technology uses actual human host Biofilm technology versus plant or soil based microbiome development.from other companies. Their patented Microbiome technology is trademarked as Probiomic This Human Host commensal Biofilm technology creates the human body’s natural” Biofilm “Shield” to reduce and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

About Us

Dr. Nicholas Monsul  M.D, FACS


Dr. Eva Berkes  M.D, FAAAI


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Centrally Located In Sarasota

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Microbiome Skincare

The world's first skin probiomic facial care system.