Better Medicine Through Scientific Innovation

Through Hawthorne’s on-site Research Facility, scientists from Quorum Innovations test the theories discovered from the doctors in the Medical Clinic. The Lab’s disciplined process of Testing, Creating, Developing, Clinical Trials and Credentialing new Human Microbiome products has already created new medical Probiomic products used for improving the health of Skin, Eye, GI, Mother, Infant and even Animals.

Future product testing and development is moving forward in the areas of Metagenomic Medicine and potential drug applications.

Hawthorne has been awarded GRAS Identification from the FDA on all Probiomic/Microbiome product and technology developed to date.

Quorum Innovations Advances Human Microbiome Program
Researcher at Quorum Innovations Lab Studying The Human Microbiome

Quorum Innovations

To become a global leader in the development of innovative clinical therapeutics and truly personalized medicine in the emerging sciences of biofilm and the human microbiome.

Quorum Biofilm Research Laboratories scientists are dedicated to assisting companies, researchers, medical professionals and individuals with real-world biofilm solutions. We continually strive to develop custom remediation techniques, tests and services for each of our clients and ensure timely, competent service. Currently the predominant antimicrobial weapon of choice, antibiotics have played a critical role in our defense against infection.

Several decades of antibiotic use have created drug-resistant “super bugs”, caused widespread systemic toxicity and encouraged pathogenic biofilm formation, all at many billions of dollars of global expense. At Quorum Biofilm Research Laboratories, we believe it is possible to restore a healthier balance between probiotic and pathogenic biofilm and non-biofilm forming bacteria by harnessing the propensity of certain probiotic microorganisms to form beneficial biofilms.

Discovery goals at Quorum Biofilm Research Laboratories

The goal of our laboratory is to identify, isolate, generate and concentrate nature's most powerful anti infectives. Furthermore, we believe that Quorum's production processes will be inexpensive, safe, have a small carbon footprint and little to no negative environmental impact.

Commercial goals at Quorum Biofilm Research Laboratories

Our laboratory's commercial goals involve both consumer over-the-counter products as well as pharmaceutical industry applications. Our discoveries made in the laboratory will enable the creation of a wide-ranging consumer product line composed of topically applied, derived-from-nature compositions capable of supporting and restoring the body's natural immunologic health and normal barrier function. We believe that this method of delivery will maximize anti-pathogen and anti-inflammatory effects while avoiding systemic toxicity and minimizing cost. Utility of these products will be readily identifiable by the consumer-at-large. Product use by the consumer will be simple, essentially consisting of topical application to various body surfaces body commonly affected by pathogenic biofilms. First-to-market products will be based on our already patent-pending formulation.

Pharmaceutical applications include product relevance to biomedical materials (contact lenses, intravenous catheters, orthopedic implants), hospital and outpatient medical devices and consumables (i.e., commercial anti-septic agents) as well as anti-biofilm synergism with already available pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics.