Brining World-Class Innovation To Sarasota

The Hawthorne Health and Research Center is a Medical, Health and Wellness company incorporated under the Quorum Innovations banner.

It is comprised of three key areas:

Under the Quorum Innovations banner, The Hawthorne Health and Research Center is unique, in that it combines all three entities under one roof. Drs Nicholas. Monsul and Eva Berkes are both Medical Doctors and Practicing Scientists who together form a seamless, integrated Medical and Scientific process within the Hawthorne name.

1 Medical Clinic

Through their medical practice at the Hawthorn Medical Clinic, Drs Monsul and Berkes identify, diagnose and treat patients. They also explore new theories in which to use Human Microbiome technology (Trademarked Probiomic) to create new possibilities in the prevention and treatment of the conditions identified in their clinic. These new theories and possibilities, identified in the Medical Clinic (Discovery) are moved into the Research Laboratory on site at the Hawthorn Medical Building for testing, clinical trials and credentialing.

2 Research Center and Clinical Trials

Through Hawthorn’s on-site Research Facility, Hawthorne scientists test the theories discovered from the doctors in the Medical Clinic. The Lab’s disciplined process of Testing, Creating, Developing, Clinical Trials and Credentialing new Human Microbiome products has already created new medical Probiomic products used for improving the health of Skin, Eye, GI, Mother, Infant and even Animals.

Future product testing and development is moving forward in the areas of Metagenomic Medicine and potential RX applications. Hawthorn has been awarded GRAS Identification from the FDA on all Probiomic/Microbiome product and technology developed to date.

3 Products and Branding

The Hawthorn Research Center, with the help of Drs Monsul and Berkes, have developed 10 patents to date- more than any other Microbiome company of its size in the world. These patented technologies are being tested with many Fortune Top 100 Consumer Products companies for commercial, retail and medical development of new products and brands. The patented Probiomic, Microbiome technology is also being integrated back into the treatment and practice at the Hawthorne Medical Clinic.

On the Branding side, Quorum/Hawthorne has created a brand called Bioesse for use in their Hawthorne Clinic and sold directly to consumers on line.

Bioesse is a skin care line which uses the latest in Probiomic/Microbiome technology discovered by Drs. Monsul and Berkes; then developed, tested and validated in their Hawthorne Research Center.