The most common eyelid problems referred to Hawthorne Clinic Oculofacial Plastic surgery group are eyelid malpositions such as ptosis, dermatochalasis (excess eyelid skin),

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What Is A Mid-Face Lift?

Another term for the mid-face lift is the “mini-face lift” or “cheek lift.” That’s because this form of cosmetic surgery focuses on the “orbital area,” which is the region of the face around the eyes. In this case, the orbital area is just below the eyes, particularly the cheek area.

The mid-face lift is an effective, less extensive, long-lasting technique that is a good choice for people who wish to tighten or regain volume in their cheeks but is not yet showing signs of sagging jowls, or already know that this won’t be an issue for their face.

Who Should Get A Mid-Face Lift?

Anyone that has full cheeks and enjoys this look, or would like to add more volume to their cheeks is a good candidate for a mid-face lift. The most suitable candidates are the ones that are showing signs of aging such as wrinkles in the cheeks, or even some sagging, as once full, round cheeks, flatten and lose their depth. It’s also good for people noticing wrinkles under their eyes, who would like to return to smooth skin without the lines in this area.

People who are curious about the results of a full facelift, but don’t necessarily want to commit to that more expansive option should also think about a mid-face lift. It’s often a good indicator of the further results that will be yielded from the bigger investment in a facelift if you’re not yet sure that the bigger operation is for you.

How Does A Mid-Face Lift Work?

As with a full facelift, a mid-face lift is about “tightening” or pulling the skin where wrinkles have started to show, or the skin is sagging, showing signs of sinking. A mid-face lift, however, targets only the cheek and the eye area to achieve this.

This means making incisions around the ear and ear lobes, using these incisions as “entry points” to gain access to the tissue and other underlying structure of the cheeks and under the eyes. Excess tissue, if required, is removed, and the muscles and tissue in this area are tightened towards the ears. Once the surgery is complete, sutures are applied to the incision.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The actual mid-face lift procedure requires the administering of anesthesia, so patients are advised to follow the usually pre-surgical preparations, such as not eating or drinking after midnight on the night before the surgery. Once the process begins, it takes approximately three hours to complete.


After the surgery is complete it may be advised for patients to wear a compression garment while recovering. Patients may be able to return to normal, daily activities such as work about a week after the surgery. There will, however, be bruising in the affected areas that will take a few weeks to subside. A follow-up appointment is advised to check on progress, and while the effects of the surgery should be apparent in a few weeks, once bruising heals, it may take up to a year in some cases for the full effects to be seen.

While there is scarring at the incision points, this is minimal and unobtrusive since incisions were made in and around the ear area. For further questions or concerns, talk with our qualified, experienced doctors to find out whether a mid-face lift is right for you.

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