Testing For Allergic Reactions

Environmental Allergy Testing

Some conditions are illnesses that bring about uncomfortable, or even dangerous systems, that remain with a person until they are treated. Other conditions, however, are lifelong, and while there is no cure, they can be managed. Allergies are one of these lifelong conditions, while not always life-threatening, it is important to get tested to find out the best way to manage the condition.

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Food Allergy Testing

Food is not just a necessity for survival; it is also a great pleasure for many people at any age. Unfortunately, some people have specific—sometimes even serious—allergic reactions to certain ingredients used in food. To avoid an allergic reaction, especially a serious reaction could result in hospitalization, it’s sometimes important to undertake food allergy testing to live safely, and know where the food limits lie.

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Allergy Relief Services

Cluster Immunotherapy

Allergies can have a dramatic, negative effect on a person depending on the kind of lifestyle they lead. If your recreational or even professional commitments put you in a situation where you are exposed to the allergens you react to, it makes for a poor experience for everyone. There is, however, a way to manage your allergies and that’s to talk to a medical specialist about cluster immunotherapy.

Allergy Drops

An allergic reaction can be a mild inconvenience, or it can be enough to put a person’s health at risk. If allergies intersect with recreational or even professional commitments, then it can have a drastic, negative impact on life. Fortunately, people with allergies don’t have to rearrange their lives around the allergy. Allergy drops, when prescribed by a medical specialist, can be a solution.


For some, an allergic reaction is an inconvenience that can be avoided with a little planning ahead. For others, however, an allergy can pose major health risks, or even be unavoidable due to lifestyle or professional commitments. There is, however, a way to manage some allergic reactions, and that is by seeking a treatment known as allergy immunotherapy from an experienced medical specialist.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Dr. Berkes did a great job in getting my allergies under control”

Dr. Berkes did a great job in getting my allergies under control and saved me from missing out on multiple days of work and fun with my family. Dr.Berkes and her team are the best!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “now I can breath again!”

I struggled with breathing difficulty for 4 months with no relief. She diagnosed the problem correctly and now I can breath again! Highly recommend.

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