The lower portion of the face is important for both appearance and communication, but aging can take the lines and grooves that form there as we laugh and frown, and make them permanent. If you’re concerned about lines and wrinkles around your mouth and jaw, talk to a medical specialist and find out about getting a Radiesse® treatment to smooth out the area around your mouth.

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What Is Radiesse®?

Radiesse®, formerly known as “Radiant,” is a substance that is popular in cosmetic treatment for the face and even the hands. It some ways, it is a “volumizer” for skin, that has two important components. The first is that Radiesse® contains calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) microspheres, combination of ions of phosphate and calcium, that are suspended in an aqueous gel carrier.

The second major component is the ability of Radiesse to encourage the growth of collagen in the skin. Unlike some treatments, like Botox®, which occurs naturally and is harvested from organisms, Radiesse® is a synthetic compound created in labs. As a result, it was designed from the ground up to be both hypoallergenic and non-toxic, making it one of the safer formulations to administer to patients for cosmetic treatment purposes.

How Does Radiesse® Work?

During our youth, our skin has two important characteristics, it is “tight” which can result in features like more prominent cheekbones, and smooth skin, but it is also “elastic,” in that skin can stretch in many different directions for laughing, frowning, showing surprise, or accommodating the many movements involved in talking, but then, “snap back” to an original, tight, neutral position.

As we get older, the elasticity aspect of our skin fades. The laughter, frowning, or lines of worry that used to disappear around our mouth, or jaws becomes permanent. As we get older, wrinkles form, when parts of our skin sink, but other parts remain.

Radiesse® is a treatment designed to address these issues in the lower area of the face, or hands when dealing with other specialists. Administering Radiesse® provides a boost of the CaHA microspheres that provide volume to parts of the face that have sunken in, getting rid of frown lines, or wrinkles. However, the real work of Radiesse® is that these microspheres are a “scaffold.” They raise the area temporarily but are then slowly metabolized by your body, so they disappear.

Instead, what the microsphere do, before they are metabolized is provide the structure around which collagen can grow. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and is important for the formation and health of skin. Rather than inject outside collagen, Radiesse® stimulates the body to grow its own collagen and fill in the spaces created by the microspheres for smooth skin, and no more lines.

The Treatment

Getting a Radiesse® treatment does not involve surgery, so people interested in it can visit a clinic, receive treatment, and be out on the same day. There is no anesthesia, pre-surgery preparation, hospitalization or extensive recovery period required for this treatment. Radiesse® is administered as an injection.

Radiesse® is not a permanent solution; it will require repeat visits to maintain the effect. However, it has a longer effective lifespan than some treatments. Botox®, for example, will last about 3-4 months before requiring another visit. Radiesse® lasts up to a year minimum, though some treatments have lasted as long as three.

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If you have “laugh lines,” frown lines, are beginning to develop jowls around your lower face, or are seeing wrinkles that you are unhappy about, but you aren’t ready for surgery, maybe Radiesse® is for you. Talk to a medical specialist to get an evaluation and find out which treatment and procedures will get you the results that you want.

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