Dr. Tumpkin Explains Treating Child Eczema Early Can Avoid Life-long Allergy Problems

Dr. Tumpkin Explains Treating Child Eczema Early Can Avoid Life-long Allergy Problems
Christopher Tumpkin Aug/10/2021 Allergy

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Suncoast doctor, helping spread awareness on eczema, as early treatment can help prevent more serious issues down the road.

SNN's Valezka Nava tells us what signs to look out for.

It's a red, bumpy, dry, patchy rash.

Atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema, is a skin condition that affects the quality of life of many children, teenagers, and adults. Eczema can appear as a rash on the legs, the arms, the back of the neck, and sometimes, even the face.

Many kids outgrow their eczema. But if they're not noted, and treated, and get their exposures either removed or fixed, then they can have long-term as well as short-term issues.

Dr. Tumpkin says early diagnosis is vital in helping those who suffer from eczema in the long run.

Kids that have atopic dermatitis, 40% of them are going to end up having allergic rhinitis. 40% of those are going to end up with asthma.

Dr. Tumpkin recommends guided testing if any symptoms of eczema come up.

So we make sure we get exactly what we want. And then, we work backwards from that with the things that are more likely to be the cause. Get that out of your diet first, or stop having that exposure, whether it's a dog, or a cat, or dust mites. Get that taken care of. And then, that allows us to not have a whole list of things that we can't eat. That would make your life obviously way more complicated.

Overall, eczema diagnosis and treatment takes persistence and patience.

Identifying it, getting it checked out, and then, taking care of it is really important.

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For diagnosis, and treatment of eczema in children and related issues contact Dr. Tumpkin at Hawthorne Clinic.