What is LATISSE®?

LATISSE® is the only FDA-approved treatment that grows lashes longer, fuller and darker. There are many eyelash treatments available, but only LATISSE® is FDA-approved for safety and efficacy. The active ingredient in LATISSE® is bimatoprost, which has been use for many years to treat elevated intraocular pressure. While on this medication, many patients noticed they had longer, fuller and darker lashes.

How is LATISSE® used?

Remove any make-up, clean the upper eyelids and remove contact lenses, if applicable. Contact lenses can be placed back in the eye after 15 minutes following the application of LATISSE®. Then, using the single-use applicator brush provided in the package, one drop of LATISSE® is placed on the applicator brush and applied to the base of the upper eyelid lash margin (DO NOT APPLY in your eye or on the lower lash line). The same process is repeated using a fresh applicator brush to avoid cross contamination. Be careful not to allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to contact surrounding structures, fingers or any other unintended surface in order to avoid contamination by common bacteria known to cause infections. After applying, any excess fluid should be blotted off with a tissue. For best results, LATISSE® needs to be used once a day for 16 weeks. Using LATISSE® more than once a day will not grow your lashes faster or improve the effectiveness of the product.

Are there any side effects with LATISSE®?

The most common side effects after using LATISSE®solution are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. This was reported in approximately 4% of patients LATISSE® solution may cause other less common side effects, which typically occur on the skin close to where LATISSE® is applied, or in the eyes. These include skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eyes and redness of the eyelids.

How soon will I see results?

The effects with LATISSE® are gradual, some may start to notice longer lashes after about a month and many should experience full results in approximately four months (16 weeks). This is similar to the clinical trial results, but individual results may vary. Just like it takes some time for LATISSE® to work, if use of LATISSE® is discontinued, eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over the course of several weeks to months.