Eyelid surgery

Ectropion, entropion, skin cancer, trauma, and blepharospasm. Each of these conditions can impact the patient's vision, as well as impact facial appearances. Treatment of each patient is specialized, but the goals remain the same; restore vision and appearances to the same or better than what existed prior to developing eyelid disease.

Ptosis & Blepharoplasty

Ptosis surgery and upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery are among the most common reconstructive surgeries performed by our doctors.

Some patients have enough extra skin and fat in the upper eyelids or enough drooping of the upper eyelids that it blocks a portion of the peripheral vision. This can cause problems keeping the eyelids open when driving a car or when reading. In these cases, upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery to remove the excess skin and fat or ptosis surgery to tighten the droopy eyelid muscle may improve the peripheral vision. If your eyelids are blocking your peripheral vision, our staff will work on your behalf to get the surgery authorized by your insurance company.

It is also common for patients to have cosmetic lower eyelid surgery and cosmetic eyebrow or forehead lift surgery performed simultaneously with cosmetic or reconstructive upper eyelid surgery. At Hawthorne, we find that patients who choose procedures that improve both form and function are the happiest with their post-operative result.

Other Eyelid Malpositions

The eyelids are crucial for the protection of the eyes and abnormalities of contour, strength, or position can dramatically affect ocular comfort and vision. Our doctors are experts in correcting eyelid malpositions and have numerous papers on the subject, teaching others about the techniques they have mastered or pioneered.

For instance, ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelids droop due to abnormalities of the inner structures and dermatochalasis is a condition where the eyelids droop due to excess skin and fat in the upper eyelids. Both of these conditions can block the peripheral vision and make it more difficult to read or drive a car.

Entropion and trichiasis are conditions where the eyelashes rotate against the eyeball and ectropion is a condition where the eyelid sags away from the eyeball. Entropion, ectropion, and trichiasis can cause a red, watery, irritated eye.


Essential blepharospasm is an idiopathic disorder characterized by involuntary spasm of the eyelids and sometimes other facial muscles. Most patients also have dry, irritated eyes and in most patients, symptoms are worse when exposed to sunlight or bright lights indoors.

Blepharospasm is an uncommon problem. However, our doctors care for patients with this condition. They have experience using Botox injections for this disabling disease and are well prepared to handle such problems.

Some patients' symptoms cannot be controlled with Botox alone and for this group of patients Myectomy surgery was developed. Many patients with blepharospasm also develop eyelid malposition and come to Hawthorne Clinic for treatment.